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Welcome to Amberglade Ragdolls, South Australia, here you will find all the information you need to help you begin your new Ragdoll family. Click on the links above to learn all about the Ragdoll breed, or perhaps you would like to browse our Kings and Queens, take a look at our beautiful Kittens for sale or just browse our Photo Gallery.

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Updated Price List
Updated Price List for November 2021 

About Amberglade Ragdolls

We are a small breeder situated in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and breed gorgeous Blue eyed Ragdoll kittens with wonderful temperaments thus making them suitable for families with young children, singles and the elderly. We have beautiful, affectionate Ragdoll Kittens with that loving, sweet temperament that Ragdolls are known for. Pet, Show and Breeding quality kittens available most times. Retirees and young Queens sometimes available, please contact us to find out what we have available.

The colours we breed are Blue, Seal, True Chocolate as well as True Lilac, We also breed from 100% Traditional lines in the colours of Lilac and Chocolate as well as Seal and Blue

Our kittens are born and raised in our home and are well socialised and bought up on a Premium grade diet to ensure healthy growth and development. They are bought up on Royal Canin Mother and Babycat dry food, cooked Chicken Mince, Beef or Kangaroo Mince mixed with Royal Canin Instinctive Babycat Mousse. Chicken and Beef are suitable for human consumption as well as Royal Canin Instinctive Kitten Sachets.

We use and recommend a Wood Pellet Litter, ie Kitter, Heaven Scent or Oz-Pet and when used in conjunction with the Ozpet Litter tray it is the most effective litter in odour control and the best value for money. We have the Ozpet litter trays and 15kg bags of litter also available for purchase, this needs to be ordered prior to you picking up your kitten. This is what your baby has been using and is accustomed to.

ozpet tray

The other litter we recommend if you don’t want to use the wood pellets is Breeders Choice which is available at supermarkets.NEVER use any of the Clay or Clumping litters or Crystals whilst your kitten is young as they sometimes tend to chew on and eat the litter and the clumping ones could cause an internal blockage which could be fatal for your new baby even as an adult.

PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE about the dangers of clumping litters

Link to article

You will need a carry crate to take you new baby home in and no kitten will be allowed to leave here if you don’t have a suitable cat carry crate to take your kitten home in. It is also against the law to travel a kitten/cat in your car just on your lap and the safest way to carry your kitten/cat is in carry crate. you will need one anyway for your yearly vet visits

We also have available for purchase the top quality PP20 Cat carry crates which are airline approved and will last the lifetime of your kitten/cat.


We are registered with The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia and DACO Reg Breeder number GCSA580

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